Managment and Advisory Team

Naif Hajjar

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hajjar has over 14 years experience in the financial industry. With over a decade on Wall Street, he has focused on advisory for Renewable and Waste to Energy companies while having lead a team with a wide range of investment services at multi-billion dollar brokerage firms.

During his tenure on Wall Street, his responsibilities have ranged from bringing public companies to the banking department, providing trading and syndicate offerings to funds and institutions, as well as support and account services for corporations across all major exchanges. Success with multiple clients allowed him the privilege of ringing the closing bell at the Nasdaq Capital Markets in 2013 and the opening bell in 2014.

Cameron M. Kruger

Chief Strategy Officer

Cameron has over 14 years of intelligence research and analysis experience and served as a soldier honorably for 8 years in the United States Intelligence Corp. He is a research Geo-Intelligence Analyst and Collections Professional by trade. He has a degree in Environmental Science and was driven to create Green Worldwide by his passion to combat climate change. He has two honorable discharges, led numerous teams of intelligence professionals, briefed generals, and provided real time pinpoint accurate information to war fighters who needed it on the ground through the operations of OEF and OIF. Currently Mr. Kruger is finishing his second degree in International Business and works full-time on the operations side of Green Worldwide.

Jonathan Beirn

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Beirn is an expert in all phases of procurement and negotiation. With years of experience in philanthropy, consulting, and economic analysis overseas, he has successfully engaged local municipalities, members of parliament, the affluent and the political classes on the ground in Africa, India, and Mexico. Jonathan has a track record of successful corporate advisory inclusive of alternative investment consulting at Channel Capital Group, senior management advisory for recruitment and branding strategies for Fortune 500 companies while at Yahoo!, and more recently growth and expansion for a number of top tier international law firms. Jonathan is a native of New York City and graduated from Hamilton College in 2001 with a degree in Art History. He has been a partner at Green Worldwide since 2012.

Victor De Avila

Technology Partner/Advisory Board
Chief Technology Officer

Sr. De Avila is the founder of Waste to Energy Technologies an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that provides innovative energy solutions to Industrial companies and municipalities willing to convert their waste and residues into clean energy. Prior to founding Waste to Energy, Sr. De Avila was Managing Director in Europe for NEORIS the technology innovation company of CEMEX Group, the third largest cement company in the world.

Sr. De Avila has extensive international experience in the energy sector where he has worked for more than 12 year. During this Tenure he was employed by Booz Allen & Hamilton and AT Kearney, both international strategic management consulting firms that perform strategic and operational projects. He has led the energy industry in Spain and Portugal and Mobil, BP Chemicals, REPSOL, PEMEX, and ARCO are among his clients just to name a few. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree and a Master in Science in Management from the Ecole de Mines in France, and did his graduate work at Harvard. He currently lives in Madrid Spain.