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Green Worldwide provides best-in-class waste-to-energy technology to industry in South Carolina. With a proven track record of 20+ years, our technology is tailor-fit for the state which has experienced a boom in growth over the last few years. Green Worldwide brings a fiscally and environmentally responsible way to tackle serious waste and energy needs in South Carolina, and beyond.

Our Technology: Thermal Catalytic Oxidation

Green Worldwide develops landfills in order to tackle both the endemic cycles of poor sanitation and energy shortages. Our mission is to build one of the largest waste management networks in the world using the most advanced and efficient waste-to-energy systems developed. Thermal Catalytic Oxidation has a proven twenty year track record with plants currently operating in Asia, South America and Europe. These plants are ideal for poor infrastructure environments as they are: compact, hyper-efficient, and use a remarkably clean oxidation technology, which easily handles Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), biofuel, industrial, and commercial waste.

The heart of the plant is a catalytic oxidizer that receives a blended feed of refuse and oxidizes it between 800 and 1100 Celsius for at least four seconds, over twice the requisite residency time of most industrial catalytic oxidizers. This achieves the dual effect of both squeezing the maximum caloric value from each piece of waste (creating the greatest amount of electricity possible) and oxidizes the refuse with industry leading efficiency and cleanliness.

Green Worldwide’s commitment to environmental stewardship mirrors that of many governments and is plain to see in our emissions numbers. Our plants boast emissions levels that are drastically lower than the most stringent standards in the US, EU and Japan. To highlight a few examples, our CO levels are 69% below EU legislation, our NOx levels are 97% lower and our Dioxin emissions are 99% lower than their strictest regulations.


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